Our Mission

Increasing access to and literacy in digital technology


Digital technology is essential for our current and future workforce. To improve Māori socio-economic positioning, Hihiko Te Rawa Auaha aims to empower young people with the necessary tools to develop digital technology capability.

To do so, we recognise an open, cooperative approach alongside key rōpu and initiatives is needed; utilising our collective strengths and expertise towards raising access, awareness and aspirations.

Hihiko Te Rawa Auaha

Our goal with Hihiko Te Rawa Auaha is to work collaboratively with the technology and innovation sector to develop customised digital solutions based on the priorities of the communities we serve.

Hihiko Te Rawa Auaha

As part of our broader STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) strategy, we’re working to link these priorities with pathway and development opportunities in both national and global sectors.

Hihiko Te Rawa Auaha enables Toi Kai Rawa and our partners to act as coordinators between the education, community and tech industry sectors to support Māori into valuable growth opportunities in a digitally-driven future.

Hihiko Te Rawa Auaha

In partnership with:

Acorn Foundation

Spark Foundation

Priority One Tauranga Moana

Bay of Plenty Regional Council